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Get your health back on track, with a plan and support made just for you. Regardless of where you are right now you can make lasting changes and live a better life.

I can help you with…

becoming stronger, through resistance training, at or Aimz Fitness, Botany, Auckland or your home, or another venue (park in the summer?)

losing weight through a personalised training program, nutrition advice and accountability

improving your posture, flexibility and movement especially if you have other health challenges

“Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody”

For more information on getting started on your own fitness journey, please visit my blog.

Renew Training

Offers Personal Training that goes beyond just a set of exercises.

I can guide you in lifestyle changes that will have a permanent, transforming effect on how you live. You can move beyond your present circumstances and embrace a much healthier, happier, more successful future.

Do you have questions about our how I can help you?

027 229 2369

or find me at Aimz Fitness

17/345 Chapel Road

Botany, Auckland.